Soaring Back To School

SOARING Back to School 2020

Currently ON HOLD pending guidance from the Province of Ontario as to when and how group activities can resume.  Please contact us if you have questions.

Need help getting your kids ready to leave summer behind and go back to school? Creative Therapy Health Services is hosting a week-long camp to help children transition from summer! The high ratio of counselors/therapists to children allows for unique programming designed for children of all abilities including those with ASD or ABI by an Occupational Therapist!

Along with many creative activities that promote physical activity and motor skills, this camp allows your kids to socialize in a safe, comfortable environment!  This full-day camp runs from August 30’th to September 4’th 2020 and only costs $500 for the full week (snacks and refreshments included) of fun and activities! 

Online Registration is available or you can call us at 519-954-5026 or email