Concussion and OT – A CAOT Perspective

The Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists(CAOT)  is a national organization dedicated to educating the public and supporting occupational Therapists in delivering the best care possible.  As such, CAOT has produced an excellent summary document about Concussion Management and how Occupational Therapy can be instrumental in that journey.

We have made the the PDF of the summary document, CAOT Concussion Management, available on our web site.  This is an excellent overview document for people seeking more information about the key role that OT can play, whether you are recovering from a concussion, know someone who is or are a professional in the field looking for resources to help your clients.

For more details on how an Occupational Therapist can help manage Post concussion symptoms, please feel free to email Sheri Martin Soosaar at Creative Therapy Health Services or call  (519) 954-5026.

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