COVID – Client Procedures

There is a lot of detail on this page about our client procedures and expectations.  We did this first to be clear and consistent with our procedures for anyone entering the clinic but also to help our clients who may feel a little anxious  about what is expected.  We hope that everyone will find this helpful.

We have posted a YouTube video to communicate the procedures in case that is helpful to some people.

We will also have signage throughout the clinic to serve as reminders about our procedures, so don’t worry about having to remember everything on this page!

If there are ever any questions or concerns please don’t stress over them, contact us and we can come up with a solution.

We will update these procedures based on new guidance provided by our governing organizations.  We are starting our re-opening procedures by restricting the clinic to one client appointment at a time until we are comfortable with our logistical procedures to increase capacity.

Before Your Appointment

We will be in touch with you to schedule your appointment and also remind you to review the checklist of COVID symptoms.  If any of those symptoms show up before your appointment please contact us ASAP so we can make alternate arrangements.  You should also discuss those symptoms with your primary care provider to determine next steps to be taken.  If you will require additional time with the therapist at the end of the appointment to discuss something please ensure we are aware in advance in order to allocate sufficient time.

When You Arrive

Please do not arrive any more than 5 minutes before your appointment.  We have allotted time between clients to sanitize equipment and common areas within the clinic.  If you are early we ask that you wait in your car or outdoors.  There is a sign on the door reminding you to review the list of COVID symptoms and to not enter the premises if any of them applies to you.

Please ensure you are wearing your mask.  If you did not bring one we will make a disposable mask available to you.  There is hand sanitizer in the entrance foyer.  A staff member will grant you access to the main entrance.

In order to minimize the number of unnecessary people in the building, we ask that only 1 visitor accompany a child for their appointment unless the therapist has made other arrangements with the family.

Main Entrance Area

You can leave wet/dirty shoes and boots on the landing and hang your coat on one of the hooks.  Your therapist will meet you at the landing and guide you to the treatment area you will be using.  Note that we sanitize all common surfaces like handrails after each client appointment.

You will also be shown the location of the bathroom, which is available to clients and is sanitized after each client.

Treatment Areas

The therapist will determine which treatment tools will be used for the session and only have those available for the client’s use.  Whenever possible the therapist will maintain at least a 6 foot distance from the client.  If that is not feasible for some reason alternative PPE, like a face shield, will be utilized.  All items and surfaces used during treatment will be cleaned at the end of the session prior to the next client appointment.

Clients are asked to avoid interacting with any equipment or objects that the therapist has not designated as part of the therapy session.

Waiting Room

We ask that at most only 1 person accompany the client for their appointment unless otherwise discussed with the therapist prior to the appointment.  Areas that are “off limits” have been designated as such.  Unfortunately access to coffee, tea, water or other refreshments has been eliminated.  Books and magazines have also been removed due to infection risk.


The bathroom is available for client use and will be sanitized after each client’s appointment.  Signage in the bathroom illustrates  appropriate hand washing procedures.