Delivering Services During COVID

As of Monday June 8, Creative Therapy will be seeing clients at our clinic space.  We are implementing policies and procedures to keep our clients as well as our staff safe.

As with all business serving customers during COVID times, we have all had to adapt.  We will continue to offer our services to be delivered “virtually” even though our clinic is physically open.   There are in fact benefits to meeting with our clients using alternatives to face to face appointments, especially where geographic distances make in person meetings impractical.  Please discuss the options with our therapists to see what is most effective for your situation.

Client Procedures

Detailed client procedures are published here so that you or your family member are familiar with what is expected before you arrive at the clinic through to the completion of your appointment.  The key elements include the following:

  • Symptom pre-screen (if you have any COVID symptoms please contact us to re-schedule)
  • Restrictions on people attending an appointment
  • Strict start/end times for appointments
  • Please bring & wear a mask for your appointment.  We will provide a disposable mask if you don’t have one.
  • Sanitization & distancing procedures during your appointment

Staff Procedures

Our staff will be in contact with many clients and will therefore be required to follow strict procedures to minimize the risk of COVID exposure.  This will start with daily checklists for COVID symptoms, training in the use of PPE and sanitization of treatment areas before and after meeting with clients.  If you have any questions about the procedures we will be following please ask us.