Geriatric Assessment, Planning and Treatment

Stay At Home Planning Service – This service is an example of how we can work with you, your family and community to develop plans and strategies to help you stay in your current residence.

Providing appropriate and needed services to an aging population can often be the most complex, sensitive and emotionally charged aspect of healthcare.  We recognize the broad diversity of needs that present themselves with an aging spouse, parent, friend or family member along with the limited expertise that individuals have in untangling those needs.

We will provide a list of the types of issues we can help you with.  Often these identified issues are related adding to the complexity – for example a diabetic individual with some cognitive issues that may impact insulin management coupled with arthritis that is complicating the ability to administer insulin effectively.  Situations that may have been manageable only a few months ago may now present with a major challenge.

The Creative Therapy Heath Services difference: There are many full service home health care providers available to address clients needs – anything from in-home nursing to daily home making.  At Creative Therapy, our objective is to help you develop a plan and strategy to meet your needs.  One of the recommendations may in fact be to utilize the services of a full service provider.  We will work with the individual clients, extended family and the broader community to address immediate/urgent needs and then a longer term plan.

Objectivity: One of the valuable aspects of having Creative Therapy involved is to be the independent voice of objectivity in assessing needs and making recommendations.  We recognize that every family situation is unique in terms of the combination of medical issues, home environment and family/community supports.  Emotions often run high, we balance the needs of the family with a high degree of respect for everyone involved to come up with a plan and alternatives to provide the best care possible.

Experience: We have decades of experience in working with clients from pediatrics to geriatrics.  The benefit of our broad experience is that we are able to “borrow” solutions from one domain and apply them to another.  The complex needs of a Motor Vehicle Accident client may parallel a geriatric client who is being released home after hip replacement surgery who also has some issues with vision and vestibular (balance) control while the supporting spouse has arthritis that may limit ability to assist.  Prior to surgery this couple may have been able to cope quite well by depending on each other, however, post-surgery their situation has been dramatically changed.  Some of the changes are short term, some permanent and other degenerative.

Our Services: First off, we will help reduce the burden and stress of putting together an action plan for you your family.  While we have standard packaged services for things like Discharge Home from Hospital. Remain at Home and Safety Planning we recognize that none of our clients are ever “cookie cutter’ so we use those packaged services as a guideline which we adapt to your unique needs.

Partners: With our decades of experience in the Waterloo Region delivering health care services, we have developed a strong working relationship with the full spectrum of health care providers from Medical Doctors to Physio Therapists to Social Workers.  Success is realized by working with a team that is skilled in their area of expertise and also adapts well to they dynamics of the client and family.

Please contact us for more information.  No referrals are required.