Creative Therapy Technology Services

The pervasive availability of a broad range of very powerful computer based technologies presents many new possibilities in the world of assistive technology that was only a dream a few years ago.  There are a myriad of choices for hardware platforms: PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone etc.  Add to that the choices in software that can be utilized on those platforms (Apple App Store has 400,000+ apps) and the decision making process becomes paralyzing.

At Creative Therapy Health Services we have the expertise to help our clients navigate between their requirements based on their unique diagnosis with solutions that are available.  We have the resources on our team, combining decades of Occupational Therapy problem solving principles with decades of experience in the technology industry.

Technology offers a range of additional tools that can be leveraged in conjunction with other therapies and treatments.  We understand the need for a holistic approach to client care, ensuring that all elements work together to maximize the benefit to the client.  Re-valuating therapies, tools and technologies on a regular basis is an integral part of the client-centric solution.  Clients needs will change as will available technologies and we are here to help support that lifecycle.

Not sure if we can help?

There is a lot of high level information presented across these pages.  If you are not sure whether we can provide the service or technology you require please call us.  There is no charge for initial call or email.  If Creative Therapy does not provide you with the solution you require we will do our best to point you at someone who does.  You can call, send an e-mail or fill in the information request form, all of which can be accessed from our contact page.

Who can Benefit…just a few of the possibilities

Learning Disabilities:  Learners struggle with a broad range of impediments that keep them from achieving their goals.  We can help work with educators and other service providers to find the accommodations that help those students attain success.


Acquired Brain Injuries(ABI):  Clients that have suffered an ABI through a motor vehicle accident or other traumatic accident will experience a range of challenges depending on the nature of their injury.  Technology forms an integral part of meeting a clients needs.  We can put in place solutions to aid with impairmentssuch as reduced Executive Functioning, memory and initiation.  Technology can also be used as a training aid to assist the injured brain in adapting new pathways to restore some of the pre-accident function.

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD):  We are seeing a higher incidence of ASD in our society.  The spectrum of symptoms is very braod and each client presents with a unique set of characteristics.  Technology can provide a very powerful supplement to other therapies to provide the client with tools that foster independence and success in achieving their individual goals.

Asperger’s Syndrome:   People with Asperger’s may find that they excel in some cognitive areas yet struggle in others.  We can work with these clients to align them with the appropriate tools to support the areas of reduced capacity.

Stroke:  Similar to ABI, victims of stroke may find a cognitive impairment that requires some remediation well suited to technology based solution.  The other similarity that stroke bears with ABI is that the injury may also include a physical impairment that poses additional challenges in utilising some assistive technologies.  We will work with these clients to identify appropriate tools and provide the necessary training to use them effectively.

Consultative Approach

We treat every client situation as unique, making no assumptions about diagnosis, treatment or required solutions.  This does not mean we will subject the client to unnecessary assessments and analysis.  We will utilise our proven methodology to quickly incorproate information from the healthcare team, the client , the client’s functional goals and environmental factors to develop one or more recommended solutions.