Yoga and Mindfulness at Creative Therapy

Yoga As A Therapeutic Tool

The practice of Yoga is very broad and continuously evolving.  Many elements of Yoga prove to be of great value as a complementary therapeutic tool along side more traditional therapies.  Like all therapeutic techniques, it is critically important for the practitioner to have a good understanding of the clients underlying issues and utilise yoga techniques that will contribute to improving the clients quality of life.

At Creative Therapy, Sheri Martin Soosaar is the principal Occupational Therapist with over 20 years experience as a therapist in  addition to 10 years experience practicing yoga and trained as a yoga instructor.  Sheri has successfully designed client centric therapeutic yoga  classes that address the unique needs of each client by understanding each persons goals and limitations to ensure the yoga classes effects are positive.

Yoga for Post Concussion Syndrome

People who suffer from Post Concussion Syndrome are very familiar with common symptoms that may include:

  • Chronic headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Vestibular/balance issues
  • Anxiety

Yoga practices not only address physical movement but also incorporate elements of mindfulness, calming and controlled breathing.  These exercises have shown to be of great value to help alleviate symptoms experienced by clients with post concussion syndrome.

Available Now: Mindfulness and Yoga – classes held weekly in Waterloo

Yoga for Pediatric Developmental Issues

Children with developmental issues like Aspergers, Anxiety or ADD/ADHD can benefit from many key elements of yoga practice. Self regulation is the first key to helping children be able to focus on the tasks being presented to them.  Yoga has many techniques such as breathing exercises that help to calm and focus an agitated child.  The children start to learn some of these techniques and start to utilise them on their own, or with a bit of queuing, while at school or home.

Techniques adopted from yoga practice are often incorporated into regular Occupational Therapy treatment sessions with a child to help them become more calm and focused.  The therapy sessions then become more effective with longer lasting impact when the child is able to apply their energy to the task at hend.