Virtual Therapy Services

Meeting with your therapist face to face may not be possible for a variety of reasons. Creative Therapy has recognized the needs of our clients and is offering video conference based therapy sessions to work with families that are looking for help.  Some examples of the types of issues that can be addressed through virtual sessions include:

  • Behavioral Regulation
  • Sensory Processing Challenges
  • Anxiety
  • Changes in Routine
  • Sleep Challenges

Virtual video conference therapy sessions are applicable for all ages of clients.  In the case of children, we  include parents and caregivers  in the sessions to help implement appropriate  strategies.

We use Zoom as a secure platform for delivering our virtual sessions.  Zoom is a well respected solution utilised by corporations and health care providers across North America.  The Zoom videoconferencing utility is available on all platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone and Android.  More detailed instructions are available here or by going directly to the Zoom Downloads page.

In addition to standard consent forms we use with clients we have an additional Online Therapy Consent Form to ensure clients are aware of the different risks associated with online activities.  Additional tools and resources will be made available by Creative Therapy as we expand our virtual service offerings.

More details are available in the Services area of our web site by calling us at 519-954-5026 or emailing

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