Zoom Video Conference For Client Appointments

Creative Therapy Health Services is pleased to offer a video conference call solution for client appointments.  This is excellent option for situations where a client is unable to physically get to our clinic for an in-person appointment.

Our solution uses Zoom Video Conferencing , which is a secure solution utilised by large corporations and healthcare providers across North America/   Zoom can be installed on most devices including Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android and as a browser plug-in.  We ask that you install and test the Zoom application prior to the call/appointment.  If you have problems with the application give us a call to the issues sorted out.  The following are steps for installing and running on Windows:

  1. Start by downloading the installation software from the Zoom Downloads page.  The downloads page usually auto-detects what operating system you are coming from.
  2. If the installation does not start automatically after download. you will have to “open” it manually from the downloads area of your browser or go to the Downloads folder in windows and double click the installation executable.
  3. Run Zoom by clicking on it from the Windows Start menu.
  4. When Zoom runs for the first time it will ask you to either sign in or create a new account using Google, Facebook or “Sign Up” to create an account with your own email address.  Choose which ever option you prefer and follow the instructions provided.
  5. Start Zoom on your computer and sign in.
  6. You will need to add Sheri as a contact by clicking on the Contacts icon and then selecting the “+” symbol and then add sheri@creativeot.com as a contact.
  7. At a minimum make sure you have a microphone and speakers set up on your computer  but for an optimal experience a camera is best for a good interactive experience.
  8. Arrange for a scheduled appointment time with Sheri, or other therapist, make sure your Zoom application is up and running and your are signed in, ready for the call at the scheduled time.
  9. Sheri will initiate the video conference session with you at the allotted time, at which point you can”answer” the call within the Zoom application.  The Zoom application will confirm that you want to share your camera, microphone and speakers for the call.


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