Sensory Integration

Sensory Integration is the ability to accurately perceive, interpret and act upon information from your senses.  These include your sense of balance (vestibular), your sense of body position (proprioceptive), and your sense of touch (tactile) which are key to having a sense of security and confidence in motor activities.

Sensory Integration therapy is the playful, child-centered construction of increasing challenges to the nervous system in order to build more accurate and efficient sensory processing.   It involves specialized equipment and techniques that heighten the body’s ability to notice input, such as Lycra swings or weighted pens, or help dampen down an over-reactive sensory system, such as large crash mats or applying deep pressure, or slow down the input to a more tolerable pace for an overwhelmed system, such as a platform swing.  The goal when seeing a child in a sensory clinic is always to help the child develop skills in this sheltered specialized setting that will improve the child’s ability to cope, enjoy and succeed in their everyday activities.