Covid-19: Business Open Office Closed

Status as of 12:00 PM May 25, 2020

Creative Therapy Health Services is continuing  to provide services to our clients using virtual technologies either by phone or video conferencing.  This includes initial assessments as well as ongoing treatments and consultations.  In urgent situations we are available to meet a client face to face, but only when absolutely necessary, please contact us to discuss your situation.

Plans for Physical Re-opening

Like all business across Ontario, we are anxious to serve our clients in the safest and most effective way possible.  We don’t have a specific date yet, but hope it will be soon.  We are following the guidelines put forth by the Government of Ontario as well as the regulatory bodies governing Occupational Therapy which will dictate the timing for a return to a new normal.  Those governing bodies will also be providing us with guidelines to best manage the safety of our clients and our staff.  Given the nature of Occupational Therapy and the the fact that many of our clients fall into the vulnerable sector of the population we are being very diligient in developing procedures which include:

  • Screening clients before appointments
  • Screening anyone entering our physical office
  • PPE procedures for clients and staff
  • Limiting number of clients and caregivers in the office to optimize social distancing
  • Sanitizing all equipment used by a client prior to the next client appointment
  • Sanitizing common areas including the bathroom, handrails, door handles etc.
  • Creating posters and visual reminders for our pediatric clients

Pediatric Clients

Creative Therapy has closed its physical office, however, we are still open for business. We recognize that many of our clients may be affected by the heightened anxiety within our homes and the community in addition to a substantial change normal daily routines.  In light of this we will be offering online video based sessions to help our clients and their families develop strategies for managing the situation.  Click here For more information.

Motor Vehicle Accident Clients

Our Motor Vehicle Accident clients present a unique challenge and we are being as flexible as possible in delivering the services needed without introducing unnecessary risk to anyone involved.  We are able to deliver services to new clients using virtual technologies, sometimes utilising other health care practitioners already on site with the client to help facilitate the assessment process.  Please contact your therapist directly or, if you are a new client, our office at email:  phone: 519-954-5026.

Creative Therapy has cancelled all group sessions until further notice.  This includes Printing Group, Music Therapy and Yoga. 

If you have questions about your upcoming appointment please contact us at 519-954-5026.