Print to the Future Class

Print To The Future

When: Every Thursday  from 6 to 7 PM running from January 9 to June 18 2020.

Where: Creative Therapy Health Services at 136-D Moore Ave. South, Waterloo ON

Cost: $30 per session

Registration and Questions:

If you are interested in this program, please speak to your OT at Creative Therapy to see if this program is suitable for your child. Please register by Wednesday at 6pm the day before your child is planning to attend. Typically, regular attendance is recommended, but weekly attendance is not required to participate in this program. You can register online or by contacting Erin at or 519-954-5026.

What Is It?:

A session of handwriting and sensory exploration.   This is an Occupational Therapist led  group designed to help improve your child’s printing and gain a better understanding of their sensory processing needs, providing them with tools and coping strategies.  The therapist will work with children in the group on fine motor as well as gross motor and posture issues which all contribute to handwriting improvements.

OT Assessment:

We highly recommend that your child get an Occupational Therapy Assessment in order to maximize the benefits of any therapy or group activities.  An OT assessment will identify the challenges your child is experiencing along with root causes which helps tailor therapy activities for positive impact.  Any questions or concerns about the assessment can be discussed with our staff at Creative Therapy.