Creative Cooks


Where: Creative Therapy Health Services

When: Saturday Mornings (May 3- 31)

Time: 10am-12pm


Join us for a morning of fun in the kitchen! Cooking is a fun and engaging activity for children of all abilities.  Creative Cooks will be led by an Occupational Therapist and is open to children of all abilities.  This 4-week program will contribute to the growth of many key areas of development:

Social-Emotional Development: Children will participate in hands-on cooking contributing to enhanced confidence. This program enables children to work in a group setting to accomplish a task together enhancing social interaction.

Cognitive Development: Children will have the opportunity to follow a simple recipe which can often be a challenging task. Children will learn to organize, sequence and carry out multiple directions at one time with the support of an Occupational Therapist.

Physical Development: The hands-on work involved in this program will contribute to fine motor development and upper extremity strength as children will learn how to open containers, use utensils appropriately, mix, stir, chop, spread, squeeze ingredients.

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Price: $160

Schedule – Saturdays 10 AM to 12 PM… May 3, 10, 24 and 31