Yoga For Post Concussion Syndrome

Creative Therapy Health Services is proud to introduce a yoga class designed to help people with Post Concussion Syndrome

The class will be taught for 6 weeks from May 11th until June 22nd, with no classes on May 18th from 1-3pm. This cost is $180.00 and take will place at 136 Moore Ave. S Unit D Waterloo Ontario.

The class focuses on balance poses and will incorporate gentle, repetitive movements to strengthen the core and improve body awareness. The class will also include breathing strategies to help with relaxation, anxiety and stress management. A component of the class will teach ways to incorporate mindfulness and proper posture into everyday life. The yoga postures, sequences, breathing techniques and environment are designed to minimize post-concussion triggers.

This class has been designed by Sheri Martin Soosaar, Occupational Therapist and Denise Davis Gains, Certified Yoga Teacher

Please download the PDF for the event and share it with people you think may benefit.