OT and Driving

Driving is a big part of a person’s independence but it is also a complex task that involves cognitive, physical and visual skills.  A person’s ability to drive may be impacted by a disease process, aging,or a traumatic accident. Occupational Therapists are often involved in helping people with issues around driving.  We can recommend assistive devices to help you get in and out of the car, larger mirrors to help with decreased neck range of motion or a left gas pedal if you have  had a right leg amputation.  When it comes to Acquired Brain Injury, some people are able to resume driving with training, others are able to drive in places over familiar routes. However, many persons with Acquired Brain Injury find themselves in a position where they are unable to resume driving.  A full driving assessment completed by a qualified Occupational Therapist is often recommended in these situations.  Please follow this link for a list of Ministry of Transportation approved driving assessment centres.

Family doctors and optometrists are compelled to report any person to the Ministry of Transportation if they have concerns about a person’s ability to drive.  Please refer to this link  OT and Driving for details on what to do if your license has been suspended.

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