Finding Dory PD Day Camp

Underwater Adventures: Finding Dory PD Day Camp

When: January 27, 2017

Where: Creative Therapy Health Services at 136 Moore Ave. South, Waterloo ON

Cost: $90 for the full day or $45 for a half day

Registration and Questions: You can pre-register online for this event or email or call 519-954-5026 to get your questions answered about whether this program is suitable for your child.

What Is It?:

This camp is designed to provide a break from winter weather and transport children to tropical under water themed activities! Like all the PD Day camps, we provide a fun and safe experience designed and led by an Occupational Therapist. Children work on a variety of fine and gross motor skills while developing appropriate social skills.

For information about all our upcoming camps please take a look at our 2016/17 schedule.