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COVID – Client Procedures

There is a lot of detail on this page about our client procedures and expectations.  We did this first to be clear and consistent with our procedures for anyone entering the clinic but also to help our clients who may feel a little anxious  about what is expected.  We hope that everyone will find this helpful.

We have posted a YouTube video to communicate the procedures in case that is helpful to some people.

We will also have signage throughout the clinic to serve as reminders about our procedures, so don’t worry about having to remember everything on this page!

If there are ever any questions or concerns please don’t stress over them, contact us and we can come up with a solution.

We will update these procedures based on new guidance provided by our governing organizations.  We are starting our re-opening procedures by restricting the clinic to one client appointment at a time until we are comfortable with our logistical procedures to increase capacity.

Before Your Appointment

We will be in touch with you to schedule your appointment and also remind you to review the checklist of COVID symptoms.  If any of those symptoms show up before your appointment please contact us ASAP so we can make alternate arrangements.  You should also discuss those symptoms with your primary care provider to determine next steps to be taken.  If you will require additional time with the therapist at the end of the appointment to discuss something please ensure we are aware in advance in order to allocate sufficient time.

When You Arrive

Please do not arrive any more than 5 minutes before your appointment.  We have allotted time between clients to sanitize equipment and common areas within the clinic.  If you are early we ask that you wait in your car or outdoors.  There is a sign on the door reminding you to review the list of COVID symptoms and to not enter the premises if any of them applies to you.

Please ensure you are wearing your mask.  If you did not bring one we will make a disposable mask available to you.  There is hand sanitizer in the entrance foyer.  A staff member will grant you access to the main entrance.

In order to minimize the number of unnecessary people in the building, we ask that only 1 visitor accompany a child for their appointment unless the therapist has made other arrangements with the family.

Main Entrance Area

You can leave wet/dirty shoes and boots on the landing and hang your coat on one of the hooks.  Your therapist will meet you at the landing and guide you to the treatment area you will be using.  Note that we sanitize all common surfaces like handrails after each client appointment.

You will also be shown the location of the bathroom, which is available to clients and is sanitized after each client.

Treatment Areas

The therapist will determine which treatment tools will be used for the session and only have those available for the client’s use.  Whenever possible the therapist will maintain at least a 6 foot distance from the client.  If that is not feasible for some reason alternative PPE, like a face shield, will be utilized.  All items and surfaces used during treatment will be cleaned at the end of the session prior to the next client appointment.

Clients are asked to avoid interacting with any equipment or objects that the therapist has not designated as part of the therapy session.

Waiting Room

We ask that at most only 1 person accompany the client for their appointment unless otherwise discussed with the therapist prior to the appointment.  Areas that are “off limits” have been designated as such.  Unfortunately access to coffee, tea, water or other refreshments has been eliminated.  Books and magazines have also been removed due to infection risk.


The bathroom is available for client use and will be sanitized after each client’s appointment.  Signage in the bathroom illustrates  appropriate hand washing procedures.


Delivering Services During COVID

As of Monday June 8, Creative Therapy will be seeing clients at our clinic space.  We are implementing policies and procedures to keep our clients as well as our staff safe.

As with all business serving customers during COVID times, we have all had to adapt.  We will continue to offer our services to be delivered “virtually” even though our clinic is physically open.   There are in fact benefits to meeting with our clients using alternatives to face to face appointments, especially where geographic distances make in person meetings impractical.  Please discuss the options with our therapists to see what is most effective for your situation.

Client Procedures

Detailed client procedures are published here so that you or your family member are familiar with what is expected before you arrive at the clinic through to the completion of your appointment.  The key elements include the following:

  • Symptom pre-screen (if you have any COVID symptoms please contact us to re-schedule)
  • Restrictions on people attending an appointment
  • Strict start/end times for appointments
  • Please bring & wear a mask for your appointment.  We will provide a disposable mask if you don’t have one.
  • Sanitization & distancing procedures during your appointment

Staff Procedures

Our staff will be in contact with many clients and will therefore be required to follow strict procedures to minimize the risk of COVID exposure.  This will start with daily checklists for COVID symptoms, training in the use of PPE and sanitization of treatment areas before and after meeting with clients.  If you have any questions about the procedures we will be following please ask us.

Camps & Classes 2020-21

Schedule of Events for 2020-21

We will be publishing our schedule of classes and events for the upcoming academic year when we have guidance from the Government of Ontario on when and how group activities can be operated safely.  Please subscribe to our Facebook or Twitter feeds to keep up with the latest news. 

Currently Available Groups:

Creative Connections: This is a virtual online group that is facilitated by an Occupational Therapist.

Soaring Back To School:  This camp is designed to help children transition from their summer routines into the more scheduled environment of a typical school day.  The camp has been modified to run for a half day with a limited number of participants in order to ensure social distancing measures can be maintained.

If you have any questions or concerns about these offerings we encourage you to contact us for more information.

PD Day Camp Schedule 2020-2021

All camps for the coming school year are on hold pending Government of Ontario guidelines for for managing group activities.  We will update our plans as new information becomes available.  We can keep interested families up to date via email.  We will also be updating our social media feeds with any changes in our plans.

Covid-19: Business Open Office Closed

Status as of 12:00 PM May 25, 2020

Creative Therapy Health Services is continuing  to provide services to our clients using virtual technologies either by phone or video conferencing.  This includes initial assessments as well as ongoing treatments and consultations.  In urgent situations we are available to meet a client face to face, but only when absolutely necessary, please contact us to discuss your situation.

Plans for Physical Re-opening

Like all business across Ontario, we are anxious to serve our clients in the safest and most effective way possible.  We don’t have a specific date yet, but hope it will be soon.  We are following the guidelines put forth by the Government of Ontario as well as the regulatory bodies governing Occupational Therapy which will dictate the timing for a return to a new normal.  Those governing bodies will also be providing us with guidelines to best manage the safety of our clients and our staff.  Given the nature of Occupational Therapy and the the fact that many of our clients fall into the vulnerable sector of the population we are being very diligient in developing procedures which include:

  • Screening clients before appointments
  • Screening anyone entering our physical office
  • PPE procedures for clients and staff
  • Limiting number of clients and caregivers in the office to optimize social distancing
  • Sanitizing all equipment used by a client prior to the next client appointment
  • Sanitizing common areas including the bathroom, handrails, door handles etc.
  • Creating posters and visual reminders for our pediatric clients

Pediatric Clients

Creative Therapy has closed its physical office, however, we are still open for business. We recognize that many of our clients may be affected by the heightened anxiety within our homes and the community in addition to a substantial change normal daily routines.  In light of this we will be offering online video based sessions to help our clients and their families develop strategies for managing the situation.  Click here For more information.

Motor Vehicle Accident Clients

Our Motor Vehicle Accident clients present a unique challenge and we are being as flexible as possible in delivering the services needed without introducing unnecessary risk to anyone involved.  We are able to deliver services to new clients using virtual technologies, sometimes utilising other health care practitioners already on site with the client to help facilitate the assessment process.  Please contact your therapist directly or, if you are a new client, our office at email:  phone: 519-954-5026.

Creative Therapy has cancelled all group sessions until further notice.  This includes Printing Group, Music Therapy and Yoga. 

If you have questions about your upcoming appointment please contact us at 519-954-5026.

Virtual Therapy Services

Meeting with your therapist face to face may not be possible for a variety of reasons. Creative Therapy has recognized the needs of our clients and is offering video conference based therapy sessions to work with families that are looking for help.  Some examples of the types of issues that can be addressed through virtual sessions include:

  • Behavioral Regulation
  • Sensory Processing Challenges
  • Anxiety
  • Changes in Routine
  • Sleep Challenges

Virtual video conference therapy sessions are applicable for all ages of clients.  In the case of children, we  include parents and caregivers  in the sessions to help implement appropriate  strategies.

We use Zoom as a secure platform for delivering our virtual sessions.  Zoom is a well respected solution utilised by corporations and health care providers across North America.  The Zoom videoconferencing utility is available on all platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone and Android.  More detailed instructions are available here or by going directly to the Zoom Downloads page.

In addition to standard consent forms we use with clients we have an additional Online Therapy Consent Form to ensure clients are aware of the different risks associated with online activities.  Additional tools and resources will be made available by Creative Therapy as we expand our virtual service offerings.

More details are available in the Services area of our web site by calling us at 519-954-5026 or emailing

Video Call Therapy for Anxiety Management – Covid-19

These are challenging times for all of us, evolving on a daily basis.  In response to the needs of our clients we are offering alternatives to in person clinic based visits, leveraging technology that is readily available on phones, tablets and computers.

The anxiety and stress experienced by caregivers is often amplified in people with existing anxiety issues.  This may may manifest itself in a variety of behaviors that had otherwise  been getting under control through regular therapy sessions.  Changes in daily routines further compound matters.  Not to worry, Creative Therapy Health Services is here to help.

Creative Therapy has recognized the needs of our clients and is offering video conference based therapy sessions to work with families that are looking for help.  These video conference sessions are directed at children, parents, adults and caregivers  to develop strategies that will help mitigate challenges being experienced. 

More details are available in the Virtual Therapy Services area of our web site by calling us at 519-954-5026 or emailing

Zoom Video Conference For Client Appointments

Creative Therapy Health Services is pleased to offer a video conference call solution for client appointments.  This is excellent option for situations where a client is unable to physically get to our clinic for an in-person appointment.

Our solution uses Zoom Video Conferencing , which is a secure solution utilised by large corporations and healthcare providers across North America/   Zoom can be installed on most devices including Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android and as a browser plug-in.  We ask that you install and test the Zoom application prior to the call/appointment.  If you have problems with the application give us a call to the issues sorted out.  The following are steps for installing and running on Windows:

  1. Start by downloading the installation software from the Zoom Downloads page.  The downloads page usually auto-detects what operating system you are coming from.
  2. If the installation does not start automatically after download. you will have to “open” it manually from the downloads area of your browser or go to the Downloads folder in windows and double click the installation executable.
  3. Run Zoom by clicking on it from the Windows Start menu.
  4. When Zoom runs for the first time it will ask you to either sign in or create a new account using Google, Facebook or “Sign Up” to create an account with your own email address.  Choose which ever option you prefer and follow the instructions provided.
  5. Start Zoom on your computer and sign in.
  6. You will need to add Sheri as a contact by clicking on the Contacts icon and then selecting the “+” symbol and then add as a contact.
  7. At a minimum make sure you have a microphone and speakers set up on your computer  but for an optimal experience a camera is best for a good interactive experience.
  8. Arrange for a scheduled appointment time with Sheri, or other therapist, make sure your Zoom application is up and running and your are signed in, ready for the call at the scheduled time.
  9. Sheri will initiate the video conference session with you at the allotted time, at which point you can”answer” the call within the Zoom application.  The Zoom application will confirm that you want to share your camera, microphone and speakers for the call.


Covid-19 Status

Status as of 11:50 AM March 16, 2020

As most of us are aware, the Covid-19 pandemic is a rapidly evolving situation .  We recommend that you contact your local public health authority or medical practitioner for up to date information or actions you may need to take regarding your family.

Creative Therapy has cancelled all group sessions until further notice.  This includes Printing Group, Music Therapy and Yoga. 

Individual therapy sessions are being cancelled as well. However, we recognize that many of our clients may be affected by the heightened anxiety within our homes and the community in addition to a substantial change normal daily routines.  In light of this we will be offering online video based sessions to help our clients and their families develop strategies for managing the situation.  Please call 519-954-5026 us or email  your therapist or our general email address for more information to determine whether this would be applicable to your situation.  We will also be contacting clients with scheduled appointments to present them with their options.

If you have special or urgent circumstances please call us at 519-954-5026 to discuss arrangements that can be made.  For example, our Motor Vehicle Accident clients may require immediate attention at home or at other healthcare facilities.  We can make special accommodations in order to address those needs.

The situation on a regional and global basis is evolving rapidly so we recommend you monitor Canadian health authorities for current guidance.  In the mean time proper hygiene is important for reducing the spread of any illness, including Covid-19.  In particular,  hand washing (at least 20 seconds) with soap actually breaks down the physical structure of the coronavirus effectively killing it.

If you have questions about your upcoming appointment please contact us at 519-954-5026.

Concussion and OT – A CAOT Perspective

The Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists(CAOT)  is a national organization dedicated to educating the public and supporting occupational Therapists in delivering the best care possible.  As such, CAOT has produced an excellent summary document about Concussion Management and how Occupational Therapy can be instrumental in that journey.

We have made the the PDF of the summary document, CAOT Concussion Management, available on our web site.  This is an excellent overview document for people seeking more information about the key role that OT can play, whether you are recovering from a concussion, know someone who is or are a professional in the field looking for resources to help your clients.

For more details on how an Occupational Therapist can help manage Post concussion symptoms, please feel free to email Sheri Martin Soosaar at Creative Therapy Health Services or call  (519) 954-5026.